Michigan Day 1

We are back in town and getting back into the swing of everyday life and a routine. Well kinda, we are all fighting different sicknesses right now. Most of vacation my niece was sick and she seemed to have passed it on to us, but at least we are home and got to enjoy our vacation. 

We left just before 6am last Monday and headed to Frankenmuth, Michigan. This was Austin's first time forward facing in his car seat. He seamed to enjoy being able to see everything around him. 

Brian had to represent Ohio State, going into the enemy state. (At least it was on our travel day and not the day we visited Michigan State, more on that later this next or next). Ella was up at 430 with me, you would think we were going to Disney World with her excitement for vacation. 

The sunrise on the way was breathtaking over Lake Erie. Days like this, I remember just how blessed I am to be able to see sunrises like this. To be able to pick up and leave on vacation without permission from work. To be able to do what I want when I want and to spend time with my family on my own schedule. Life by design ain't so shabby.

We made a quick bathroom stop and grabbed some food. Toll road options suck. We got overly expensive Starbucks and Einstein Bagels. Austin seemed to enjoy his bagel with cream cheese that he shared with his sister. I got a turkey sausage bagel sandwich trying to stay on track with limited options. 

After stopping I let the kids watch a movie on our portable DVD player. Over the whole trip they probably watched Trolls 5x, even though they had plenty of other options. (I am Trolled out) Austin loved watching movies, he didn't nap as much giving him something to do helped. My only fear is that he is going to expect to watch a movie anytime he is in the car now. 

On the way to Mackinaw City we stopped at Frankenmuth. In spirit of Christmas in July and I have been dieing to check out the Bronner's store. I had previously been when I was younger but didn't remember much. We pulled in and the kids wanted to run around some. We let them look at all the huge outside Christmas decorations. 

Austin wasn't so sure about this Polar Bear. 

Ella looks like she is scared of the bear, but really she kissed him before hand. She is a goober. 

The store has any type of ornament you can think of. (minus a garbage truck we didn't find one, but also didn't ask) Ella's favorite section was all the mermaids. We walked around and shopped for a good hour. The girls were pretty well behaved. Austin lasted about a half an hour. Then my sister nicely took him outside to run around, where he couldn't break anything. 

Had to get a family picture before we left. I am actually surprised we were all looking and smiling at the same time, (there was fighting to get this) it may end up being a Christmas card this year. 

After shopping we headed over to Zehnder's for there family style all you can eat chicken meal. I have to admit I wasn't to impressed. I also didn't really get to sit down and enjoy the meal either. Austin wasn't nothing to do with it so we were walking about outside for most of lunch. 

After lunch we stopped real quick so I could get a Beignet. I may have not been able to go to New Orleans this year with my Beachbody family, since the event happened over Austin's birthday weekend, but I still got a Beignet. Then we hit the road for the rest of the drive up to Mackinaw City.

We arrived at our hotel a little after 7pm. We unpacked the car, then headed off to the downtown Mackinaw City to find something to eat. With crabby kids who didn't want to sit down, we ended up grabbing a few pizzas, a salad, beer, milk, and headed back to the hotel to watch the sunset, relax, and discuss the plans for the next few days. 

I'll be sharing the details of what we did the rest of the trip as well as where we stayed in a few upcoming posts.  If you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments! 

Happy Monday, friends!!!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. Hope everyone is having a great week. We are enjoying ourselves while on vacation. Spending much needed time together as a family, and tonight we get to see extended family I haven't seen in 10 years probably.

Time for some Friday Favorites with ErikaNarci, and Andrea. This week I am talking about some of my favorite Direct Sales companies. 

I have a new love for Scentsy. I got this warmer a few months ago and really enjoy all the mood. Between the different scents, the glimmer light, and you can really smell it. I liked it so much I bought another one to put in the basement once we get it finished. My best friend Misty is a consultant with Scentsy. If you're interested in hosting, learning more about their products, making a purchase etc Here is her LINK

I have recently been introduced to Usborne Books and more. They have so many great books for kids of all ages. There are so many I am planning on purchasing for my kids. I love that they are not your typical books that you find at a bookstore. That means I don't have to worry if my kids already have it or not, and they make great presents. My sister is a consultant with them. Check out all the books they have available for kids of all ages HERE

I love cooking and starting to love baking. Years ago I was a Pampered Chef consultant. I recently hosted a party and got a lot of great stuff for my kitchen. One of the items I got was the Cut N Seal. Ella loves it to take off the crust of all her sandwiches. It makes my life so much easier and she can use it herself. Another product I love that I have had for years but forgot about is the mini scooper. I have used it twice in the last week while making cookies and mini muffins. Interested in Pampered Chef check out my girl Stephanie.

My favorite mascara is from Limelight by Alcone. It is a fiberlash mascara that is done in one step and gives you amazing results. I recently tried there moisturizer and love it also, plus I have a fall/winter color lipstick that I also love. Limelight by Alcone is a newer company but is growing rapidly. They are my go to make up line. Little by little I am expanding my collection. My fellow blogger Karen from Karen at Home is a Beauty Guide with them. Check out her page

Pure Romance isn't just for adult toys. I love their shaving cream called Coochy. Plus having an in home party is so much fun and a great excuse to get together with your girlfriends. Check out my girl Carey, she really is the best. 

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July Carpool Book Club

Happy Thursday!!! It is time for another Carpool Book Club recap, linking up with Grace and Love. This month I haven't read much at all. I had the greatest intentions, and had a list of about 5 books I wanted to read. After long days of fun, I pass out in bed instead of reading. I am trying to get some done while in the car though on vacation and while the kids are playing. A few of these books I have started but haven't finished.

Normally each month my girlfriends and I do our own little book club read. This month everyone's schedules have been so crazy we skipped this month. We will be returning to our fun next month and planning a date to go over our book review instead of doing it via facebook messenger in a group chat. Sometimes we all just need a little girls get together without kids. 

I got this book from the library. It honestly just caught my eye, The Badass Life by Christmas Abbott. It is broken down into daily reads/mentality sets. This book is great as a daily read for personal development.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is a great book. I read it before. I just started reading it again. I need a little ass kicking motivation.

After seeing her latest movie, The House, and loving it I had to read her book. Yes Please by Amy Poehler 

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Whats Up Wednesday

I can't believe it is the last Wednesday of the month already. July flew by with so much fun and exciting things happening. Before you know it the kids will be back in school. This summer was has been far to quick. We still have a few more weeks to knock some more things off our bucket list.

I'm linking up today with ShaySheaffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday

What we are eating this week?
We are on vacation with no real meals planned. Our hotel has Continental breakfast, we are having sandwiches most days for lunch, and finding somewhere to eat local for dinner. I also have my daily shakes. I brought a blender and single serving packs with me. We however are very much against my norm of being prepared with everything that I will be eating each day.

What I am reminiscing about?
We are up in Mackinaw City and Island for our vacation. The last time I was here I was in a wheelchair when I had my back broken at the age of 14. I dealt with a lot of physical setbacks due to the incident. I also try to "forget" a lot of what happened during that time. While we are on vacation I am trying to remember little things from the last time we were here. Plus being thankful that I am physically able to be here, enjoying life, walking, and sharing it with my wonderful family.

What I am loving?

Got a fresh new haircut and style. Noting to wild. It feels so much healthier. Maybe I will wear it down and straightened more now. 

What we have been up to?
July has been a busy fun month. We started off with lots of 4th of July fun. Read more about it HERE

Austin turned 2. We had a big family birthday party at our house for him. Read more about it HERE

There has also been lots of outside fun playing with the new swing set. Check it out HERE

What I am dreading?
I have to admit I am dreading and excited for Ella to start Kindergarten. It is a whole new world of excitement, learning, and her growing up. There will also be more of a schedule in our lives with bedtimes and dinner time. But I am not ready for that reality that I have a Kindergartner. 

What am I working on?

Brian and I are co-hosting an online health and fitness accountability group together starting next Monday with a new workout program called Shift Shop. We are going to helping, supporting and encouraging men and women on their health and fitness journey, while we do the same thing. Want more info. Check this out

What I am watching?

I have to admit I have a Christmas obsession. I have dvr'd and watched most of the Hallmark Channel Christmas in July movies. I am far from ready for Christmas, and decorations are not to be up until after Thanksgivings, but it is fun in July.

What am I reading?
Check back tomorrow I talk about my the books I have been reading this month with Carpool Book Club. 

What I am listening to?

I have been and forever will be a Linkin Park fan. They were my first concert and I saw them 5x. Their must helped me in the worst times in my life. When I heard about Chester Bennington death it was like a part of my childhood was brought back with good memories and sorrow. He will be remembered and loved by millions

What I am doing this weekend?
We are still on vacation. We are getting together with family, spending the day at a water park and coming home to get back to a routine.

What I am looking forward to next month?

Summer is coming to an end. We have a lot on our bucket list still to do. Find out about our summer bucket list HERE.

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Wordless Wednesday

Hey friends!!! I am back for the new Weekly Linky Party, Wordless Wednesday. Feel free to grab the image above, join in the party, invite your friends, and link up at the bottom of the post. Interested in Co-Hosting? Message me and lets chat. Alladrienneblog@yahoo.com

Being on vacation and having crappy wifi wasn't part of my plans. Sorry up so late. 

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Show and Tell Tuesday- Whats On Your Phone

Its Show and Tell Tuesday- Whats On Your Phone Andrea over at Momfessionals.

As a stay at home mom and a work at home mom, I feel like there are days I am on my phone a lot working and days where I don't even touch my phone (but some little man has it and is watching garbage truck videos on youtube)
I have an Iphone 6 with 64GB of memory. Only half of it is full, mostly with photos and videos. I am afraid to delete them that I will lose them. I have to eventually get them printed and save them somewhere safe. I have a lot of apps on my phone that I barely ever use, but keep for that random time, like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Wish, Twitter.

This is my home screen. I have my most used apps and folders easy to access on this screen. (Yes I have follow-up emails to reply to for my next virtual fitness group). Every day I listen to at least one Podcast. Pinterest is a horrible addiction, but I get lots of ideas and recipes off it. Sometimes I read from my phone instead of my kindle. Brian and I share our schedules on Google Calendar. I may not Snap much anymore but I do stalk. I love doing challenges on my Fitbit app. 

These are all the apps I use for editing videos and photos. Most often I use PicPlayPost and Rhonna. 

This folder is my Beachbody, work at home and health and fitness apps. The 21 Day Fix is where I track my color coded containers I eat. My Challenge Tracker app and Facebook Groups I use the most often, I host virtual fitness groups with them. Spark people I sometimes track what I eat by calories. BOD is where I can stream my workouts from anywhere. 

Photobucket, I sometimes add my photos there then onto my blog. Other times I just upload them in the blogger app. Bloglovin I catch up on some of my favorite blogs. 

I have a few apps on my phone for the kids. Austin's favorite right now is Youtube and watching garbage trucks. Ella loves the shopkins game.

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