Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!! This week has sucked. My cousin passed away from Leukemia on Wednesday. He had a very rough yo-yo road. Now he is no longer in pain and isn't suffering. Along with the dealth, and funeral unforunately there is a lot of drama too. Being the positive person I am, I brushed it all past me, and dealing with it if it presents to me. I am remembering the good times, and cherishing the future. 
Lets embrace the future with some Friday Favorites. Along with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.

If you know me, I am a huge frog lover, and have been since forever. Kermit is just so dreamy. Austin is even dreamier as Kermit. I will cry when she outgrows this outfit. He sat so cute and let me take pictures the one day.

I am on a tea kick right now. I am loving Coconut Chai black tea I got from World Market. It isn't to overpowering. 

Ella loves doing "homework" Everyday we sit and do a few pages of preschool and kindergarden books that we have found at different stores along the way.

Spending time together doing a craft and drinking out shakes. We made a fun easy Happy Easter banner to hang in the living room.

This is the greatest feeling in the world. It is a little hard to see but Austin is laying on top/next to Ella and they are watching something on the kindle together. Ella is trying to get him to take a nap. It didn't work but it is cute that she tried,


Girls Night and movie review

A couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance to have girls night. It was a much needed fun night out. We had originally planned on going out to the movies to see 50 Shades Darker the weekend it came out. We waited until the last minute to get tickets and they were sold out. We ended up going to one of the girls house and watching the movie there. 

I love my friends. Sometimes we go months without even talking, then get together and it seems like it was just yesterday that we had last seen each other. 

Now my sister on the other hand. She didn't get the memo to do a funny face.

I may talk to her numerous times a day, well through texting, and our sons are 1 month apart but it seems like we never see each other. 

We are the four musketeers. We always say we are going to get together more often, but it doesn't happen the way we want. But when we do get together we have a blast. 

Now onto the movie review.

I have to start by saying I just finished reading the books so they were fresh in my mind. I had also rewatched the first movie in the last month. 

If you watch the movie without reading the books or having expectations, it really isn't a bad movie. If you watch the movie and don't remember all the details of the book, it is still good. If you remember everything that happened in the book and watch the movie, it is just an ok movie. There are a lot of major details in the book that was left out in the movie. However that is to be expected for any book that is turned into a movie. To include everything that was in the book, the movie would have to be atleast 5 hours, and who really has time to sit and watch that, or the patience. 

I was a fan of the movie and can't wait for the next one to come out in 2018. I will be seeing that one in the theater. 


Fairytales and Frogs

A little late on this post. On Presidents year ever the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo has a Fairytales and Frogs party held in the Rainforest. This is the second time that I have taken Ella. This year the weather was gorgeous outside, I believe it was in the 60's, so it was more packed then last year. We still ended up having a blast.

In front of the rainforest is a statue of a monkey. It is tradition to get a picture with him. We got there a little before they opened and waited in a crazy line to get in. They had two "frogs" greeting the little kids while they waited. Ella wanted nothing to do with the frogs. 
Kids are also encouraged to dress as there favorite princess. Ella decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. 

Once inside the first princess we came across was Merida. She wasn't very talky. 

Next was Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty. She was talky, but very much so out of character. 

Rapunzel was so much fun. She loved Ella's Minnie Mouse Ears.

Rapunzel and Flynn were great. They were in character and played off each other.

Cinderella is great as always. She is the same lady every event at the zoo.

Ella playing with turtle through the class.

This year outside was a photo opp with Tiana and Prince Naveen. The camera they had wasn't working so we just used my phone.

Ella was so excited to see Pocahontas, even though I don't think she has ever watched the movie with me. When I ask her if she wants to watch it she won't. 

Ella loved the monkey's that were sitting on the other side of the glass. He would occasionally look at her. There was also a baby monkey that was so cute. 

This year they also had a story time with Belle. We arrived late, but Ella squeezed her way in and watched and listened.

Color time

Ella made a frog crown and a star wand. She got so made when we got home and Austin ripped the ribbon off her wand.


Happy March

Happy March. February was so wonderful to us, I hope March is the same. In Ohio we had gorgeous weather, a few record breaking days in the 70s, and lots of sun. Hopefully March treats us just the same if not better, and not drop 3 feet of snow on us. 
New Month with a wonderful new to do list. February was a so/so much of achieving what I had put down on my to do list, but overall it was a successful month. Lets recap
- Read Magazine then donate I put them in the bathroom as soon as I get them, read them, ripe out the articles/recipes I want to keep, then donate the magazine
- Hit 10,000 steps a day I got sick for a good week and just lost track
Decorate Valentines Day had it up for a few days then took it down and put up St. Patrick Day
- Finish 50 Shades Darker also watched the movie
- Do Valentines Day Craft Had a fun craft planned for Ella, then I got sick and it didn't happen
- Have a Friends dinner Had Brian's friends over last Sunday. It was nice to have adult converstations
- Clean office It is useable, but not necessarily clean
- Clean workout space in basement New space set up and have already been using
- Finish Family binder I am getting closer to being finished. I had however start implenting the cleaning schedule
- Listen to 12 week year on audible This one was a hard listen. The readers voice I could not get into
- Read fun book Started one, but didn't finish
- Family Date night Went out a road trip to Michigan to have Lone Star
- Brian and I date night Did not happen
- Mother Daughter date We had a couple just Mother/daughter times
- Friends date Had a wonderful girls night and chit chatted plus watched 50 Shades Darker

Now onto March in random order, ( I will organize and make my list and hang it on the wall later today)
- Finish 21 Day Fix
- Start new program
- Do Miracle Morning
- Help 5 people
- Do 30 day push challenge (Chalene Johnson Push book)
- Do 21 Day Pilates Challenge ( put on by the Balances Life)
- Track every penny spent (goal from last pd book)
- Monday Jar craft
- Taxes
- Plan Disney Cruise 2018
- Plan vacation this year
- Disney Travel agent training
- Read 2 personal development books
- read fun book
- 40 bags in 40 days (lent project, more details later)
- Family date night
- Brian and I date night
- Mother daughter ate
- Kids play date

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