Meet the truck

Every year the City Brian is an auxiliary officer in have a "Meet the Trucks" event. It is a run day where kids can meet police officers, fire fighters, EMT, paramedics, etc. They get a chance to sit in them and see how some of them work. They also have garbage trucks, tractors, large work equipment, etc that kids love.

Ella's favorite part of the event was the princess bounce house. 

The event is held at Lakewood Park which is located on Lake Erie and has a gorgeous view of the Cleveland skyline. 

Finding Dory

We are lucky to have a Disney Store within 5 minutes from our house. It is great bribery to get Aubriella to be good. Then she gets to go window shop there. At times we let her get something, but most of the time we say thats a great idea for your birthday/christmas/easter....

The Disney store sometimes has special events for Disney Visa card members. This special event was for the release of Finding Dory. You get special access into the store an hour before store opening.

As part of the even they got to draw a picture of Nemo.

Then did some trivia on Finding Dory. 

Followed by getting an exclusive tsum tsum bracelet with an otter on it for attending the event. Ella had so much fun. 

Every day throughout summer they release a new edition of the bracelet with different Disney characters. Can't wait to collect them all. 

Ella's first Indians game

Who can pass up Dollar Dog night? We took Ella to her first every baseball game to see the Cleveland Indians. She was so excited and to eat hot dogs, not so much to watch the game. (She doesn't eat the bun)

We WON!!!!!  and it was Fireworks night. 

Ella had fun. The stadium has a kids area, with a bunch of toys and a big slide. She went done the slide 4 times. Ella also wanted ice cream in a helmet. We waited in line for over 30 minutes to make my princess happy. It was well worth it.
She had lots of fun and keeps asking to go back

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