Baking Cookies

The other day Gusgus, Ella's Elf on the shelf brought cookie cutters. That means Ella wanted to make sugar cookies. We had fun while doing it. She mixed the dough, rolled it out, cut her cookies, and frosted them after they were baked and cooled. I can see this being another tradition we do every year. 

Christmas walk

Last night since the weather was shockingly warm we decided to take the kids to Carlise Reservations Holiday Walk. It is a about a half mile all decorated with lights, blow-ups, and displays. It was very nice and both kids loved it. Hopefully this is a tradition we can do every year.

Preschool Christmas Party

Aubriella had her preschool Christmas party yesterday. It was a snack pot luck buffet then the kids sang Christmas songs followed by a surprise appearance by Santa Claus. It was a lot of fun. 
For the pot luck I signed up and brought a veggie tray. Everyone else waa bringing a lot of sugary others, I needed something to counter act all that sugar.

Ella also brought a small gift for each if her 4 teachers. We did little nail polishes with hand lotion and gloves. They turned out cute. 

I was surprised that Ella sat on Santa's lap. She did tell him he wasn't the real Santa since we saw the real one the day before. But still no ideas what she wants for Christmas. 


Austin is here

Austin is here. He was born on July 15, 2015 at 4:01 pm, weighing 6 pounds and 9.8 oz and 20 inches long. It was a very quick labor followed by an eventful 48 hours and a week in the NICU.
We are all finally home. He was released from the NICU yesterday at one week old. Today is the first day of being a family of 4 at home. Brian had to go to work for a few hours today so it is just me and the kids. So far so good.
All the details on the labor, delivery, hospital stay, NICU... to come soon.


38 Weeks

Who would of thought I would still have a baby in my belly at 38 weeks. Surely not me. This kid is about to get an eviction notice. (No I will not be induced again if I have a say in it.) I'm getting to the miserable stage where I hurt all the time and I'm so done being pregnant. Austin on the other hand is in his glory still high up as can be.
Last Wednesday I went to the Dr. and found out I am now 5cm dilated. She did some wiggling around and said she wouldn't be surprised if I had Austin that night. I did end up in the hospital that evening with contractions 5 minutes apart but no change in dilation again. They were also really busy that night so I am kinda glad I didn't have Austin then. There was no room in either waiting room, all rooms were filled, and some people were having to deliver in the OR since no rooms were available.
Since Wednesday I have been having random painful contractions but nothing to consistent for a long enough time period. One of these days Austin will decide to make his appearance.
(ignore my 3 year olds messy room)

Time for some pregnancy highlights for this week.
How Far Along Are You: 38 weeks
Size of Baby according to the bump: Pumpkin
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 16 pounds
Maternity Clothes: lazy large clothes
Gender: Its a boy
Movement: All the time especially when you don't want him to. 
Sleep: I have good nights and bad nights
Cravings: chocolate, wings, deep fried pickles, root beer floats
Symptoms: contractions, pressure, movement, mucus plug keeps getting lost, lots of pain


July 4th Fun

The July 4th holiday is one I always look forward to. I love seeing fireworks, but only at a distance, and the meaning behind the holiday. Most people you see on the 4th are in a good mood and enjoying time with their friends, family, and loved ones. Unfortunately if I wasn't on modified bed rest I would have had to work this year and miss out on special family time. Brian did have to work during the evening, which also sucks. So we started our holiday a wee bit early. Luckily some of the cities around us start them early too.
On Thursday Avon Lake decided to set off fireworks. It works for me that means I can go see them. Due to being pregnant and not liking being to close to the fireworks it actually works out very nicely. There is an industrial road we park on, sit in the comfy car, relax, and watch the fireworks. It also means we can get out quicker and not stuck in to much traffic. While waiting for the fireworks to start we decided to have some fun taking pictures.

Ella enjoyed the fireworks and spent most of the time on Brian's lap since I don't have to much of a lap to sit on and you can't really lean against my belly without getting kicked and it hurting me. 

On Saturday morning we went to the July 4th parade in Lakewood. Brian dropped us off, Ella and I found a seat on the curb while Brian parked the car. 

Ella was a little brat and didn't want to take a family picture.
Once the parade started Ella was so excited to see all the different floats and get candy. She was so excited to see the school house float, (who knows why), and the fire truck. She keeps asking to go ride on a fire truck now. 

When the parade was getting close to the end we decided to walk into the park where the parade ends and there were police officers parked. In there the Police vehicle that Brian drives was sitting. Ella got to sit in the front seat and hear the scanner. She was so happy. 

Later that night since Brian had to go work the fireworks in Lakewood, Aubriella and I stayed home to watch fireworks on tv/the internet. Lakewood Park gets to crazy busy for my comfort of being 9 months pregnant, being in pre-term labor, and having a 3 year old to watch so we decided to stay home. Walt Disney World had announced they were live streaming their fireworks online for everyone to watch. Ella and I hooked up the laptop to the tv and live streamed the fireworks. They were amazing but a little disappointing they only lasted 15 minutes. We watched some other fireworks online off youtube after that to keep Ella occupied. 

Hope everyone had a Happy July 4th weekend.


Wordless Wednesday

Pool is blown up and bathing suit is on. Must mean it is time to go swimming.


Baby Shower

I know Austin is my second child, but he is Brian's first. Brian's family threw me/us a wonderful baby shower so I could relax, stop stressing, and so they could all spoil the first grandchild for Brian's mom. He is the first grandchild in 19 years. (long family tree)
This was the first party that I didn't have a say in anything. My previous bridal, bachelorette, baby, birthday parties, etc I have also had a say with what was going on, if not just planning most of it myself. It took a lot of me to just sit there and relax but I think I did a good job. The party turned out great and I was very relieved, excited, thankful, grateful, ....
Austin's room is going to be pirates themed. (I can't wait until it is finished to post pictures) So Brian's sister in law and her sister, planned the party to be Nautical themed. They had a lot of fun on Pinterest getting ideas. I wish I would have remember to take pictures of everything, these are just ones I stole from them.

To eat we had finger foods: cheese and crackers, deviled eggs, gold fish, Swedish fish, dill bread, mixed fruit ... 
Games played: my water broke with ice cubes and little babies, how many Swedish fish in a bowl, and guess how big my belly is ...
All the guests were also suppose to sign a onesie that we are going to hang in Austin's room also.

Unforunately it was raining and we were all stuck in the house. But it worked out very well. We were blessed with a lot of presents, all of which were stuff that will be used. I had some extra hands with opening presents since Aubriella and Claudia were at the party. (they were the only kids allowed to be there) 
For dessert they got a chocolate cake, which chocolate is my favorite and one of my cravings. We also had root beer floats, which is another one of my cravings and special since I don't normally drink pop and only a treat since I am pregnant.

Since I had previously had a baby shower I didn't feel it was right to invite all the same people/friends/family to a second shower. I did invite a few people in my family and my two closest friends. So the rest was Brian's family and his employees, which use to be my co-workers. 

We are both very grateful for everything that everyone has done for us. Thank you just never seems like enough words for how blessed we feel.

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