Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. Can't believe that it is the end of October already. Last night was trick or treating in my city. Most of our county had trick or treating a day early so people could go to the local high school football games. It is really a big deal around here. People actually buy season tickets for high school football I didn't even know there was such a thing. Oh how things have changed since I was in school which was that horribly long ago
Last night actually turned out to be a good evening. It wasnt raining and the temperature was in the upper 40's. Aubriella did awesome. She walked the whole way, never asked to be carried, said trick or treat most of the time and said thank you. She did at times try to pick what candy she wanted and tried taking more than one but what do you expect of a 3 year old.
I gave Ella some options to dress up as for Halloween this year. She decided at the last minute that she wanted to be Cinderella and wanted to wear the light up bow I bought her at Boo at the Zoo. She also decided that she wanted to carry around her pink pumpkin from last year to collect candy with instead of her Frozen bag I had bought for the occasion.

We only went down our street. We were out for about an hour then Ella was done. She said she was ready to go home so we did. We didn't get to much candy since not a lot of houses were passing out candy, but that is ok cause she doesn't need that much anyways.

What did your kids or yourself dress up as for Halloween?


Boo at the Zoo

This year we decided to start another new tradition. Well atleast try something new and see how it went. Since we are zoo members and the girls love going we decided to go to Boo at the Zoo at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Being zoo members got you discounted tickets.

I had heard good things and bad things about Boo at the Zoo. Some people love it, others hate, some say its a waste of money ... You get my drift. When we went and had so much fun I was a little shocked. There was so much to do that we didn't have enough time to do everything. Some of the activities they had was a balloon show, puppet show, glow show, magician, hay maze, ....
Ella decided she wanted to be a bunny. I was totally fine with since it was a little chilly outside and I knew I could dress her warm in bunny ears and I had Easter bunny ears from last year so I didn't have to go buy a costume.

My sister bought Claudia a Doc McStuffins outfit to wear. (she also got her a bumble bee outfit to wear trick or treating)

Through out the zoo there was Halloween decorations, pumpkins, lights, different activities, It was nice that nothing was scary. Ella did scream at a spider light shining
 on a bridge. 

One of Ella's favorite things is trains. At the zoo they have a train that you normally have to pay to ride that takes you around a little part of the park. During Boo at the Zoo it was free so we let the girls ride it. We ended up standing in line to ridge it for 40 minutes. Next year we may skip this part since I have no problem paying to ride it normally and it would give us more time to do other activities. 

Family picture, per say with Aubriella, my boyfriend Brian and myself.

New obsession shadow pictures. 

Does your local zoo do anything for Halloween?


Wordless Wednesday

Someone got excited to look at toys in the Toys R Us and Target Christmas catalogs.


Halloween walk

This past Saturday was gorgeous weather. You never know what its going to be like here in Ohio. One day it is in the 20's the next day it could be in the 70s. It makes it very hard to plan anything to far in advance if you plan on being outside. Or you have to be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way. Since Saturday was so nice we decided to take the girls to on a "Haunted" walk at Carlise Reservation,
From 5 to 7 it is not scary for kids, then after 7 the haunters come out the adults. We got there early so we could do the walk with the girls without any problems. They did awesome, walked the whole time and didn't get to scared. Ella does have the habit of screaming at witches though.

Along the path there are different areas decorated. In one spot there was a large flying animated bat, along the path there are random pumpkis, there is a lake of jack 0 laterns that are suppose to look awesome at night (we were there in the daylight), spiders, skeltons, and so much more. 

At the entrance of the park was a giant straw pumpkin. I asked the girls to stand by it so I could take a picture of them. They were more interested in playing with the straw than actually looking at me. 

Besides the haunted walk the park also has a little green train and hayride you can take along a path. Along the path is a lot of blow ups. Ella screamed at the witches blow ups. We stood in line for an hour to ride the train. The line for the hay ride was only 15 minutes but the girls insisted on the train. They actually did really good for the first 45 minutes then got really bored. 

New obsession shadow pictures


Halloween pirate ship

There is a local house that has been on the news and on different internet sites that is decorated like a pirates ship for Halloween. I heard about it and had to take the girls to check it out. I really had no idea what to expect but wanted to see what all the talk was about.
The first time we drove past was during the day. I was in shock by what I saw. It looked amazing. The detail, the size, the layout. It was so much more than I expected.

We went back again a few days later at night. 

Does anyone in your neighborhood go all out for Halloween?


Weekly photos

Sunday 10-19-14
Im not doing good with taking photos on Sundays.

Monday 10-20-14

working on potty training

Tuesday 10-21-14
Do you want to build a snowman?

Wednesday  10-22-14

Keeping Ella amused while in the ER with my mom

Thursday 10-23-14

Halloween Decorations

Friday 10-24-14

Claudia curling Ella's hair

Saturday 10-25-14

Walking hand in hand.


Five Friday

Five Friday Halloween Costume Ideas Edition
If I were dressing up for Halloween this year here are 5 things I have considered being:
1- Jack and Coke, something easy

2- Minnie Mouse

3- Mr and Mrs. Potato Head 
4- Snow White

5- Zebra  

What do you plan on being for Halloween?


Wordless Wednesday and Thoughts and Prayers

Today I ended up calling off work and having to take my mother to the Emergency room. She was having trouble breathing and chest pain. A little over two weeks ago she was in the hospital for 5 days with the same thing. The doctors have done a whole bunch of tests and really don't have any answers why she gets this way. They just send her home after a few days and she will be doing better. Nothing seems to trigger her flare ups or anything. Fingers crossed they eventually figure it out or it just magically goes away. 
Since my mom is my full time baby sitter, that also meant I had to take Aubriella with me to the hospital. I tried my hardest to amuse her so she wouldn't drive Grandma nuts or get into anything. Aubriella had different plans. She decided she wanted to be the doctor and put on gloves. (Doesn't she look adorable). 
Eventually she decided she wanted to lay down on the bed with Grammy and watch tv, but was so disappointed that Minnie wasn't on. She doesn't realize that not everywhere has access to multiple Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes 24/7. (dvr and dvd's what would we do without them) 

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and to get some answers. 


When its quite

A mother always knows that something is up when its to quite in the house. In my house it never is quite with two little girls who are screaming toddlers running amuck. Well that is unless no one is home, the girls are sleeping, or they are up to no good. Being up to no good was the case the other night with Aubriella.
One minute she was in the living room with me and we were playing with her little Mermaid doll head, the next minute she was gone and it was quite. After a few minutes I got up and went looking for her. I found her in the kitchen in the spice rack draw. With the evidence in her hand and on her face she was catch red handed eating sprinkles out of the container.

Who knew that she would find the sprinkles, know what they are, and have a love for eating them. Since then they are not put up in the spice cupboard and out of her reach. Hopefully she doesn't try to eat any other spices. 

Did your kids have an obsession with sprinkles ever?


Happy Belated Sweetest Day

Happy Belated Sweetest Day. Yesterday was Sweetest Day. It is a holiday only celebrated in the Midwest United States for those of you unaware you missed a holiday. It is the third Saturday in October. It is very similar to Valentines Day. 

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, sitting on the coffee table as I walk in the door are flowers, a lit candle, and a "I Love You" note from my boyfriend. He can be so sweet. (Ok really he is great 99% of the time, I can't complain)

This year we weren't planning on doing anything for Sweetest Day on Saturday since we had a family birthday party to go to instead. We agreed to have a nice romantic dinner together today, Sunday. Unfortunately that didn't happen either. Brian work up with morning with a really bad sore throat and just feeling miserable. Now it has been rain checked for in a few weeks for a weekend I don't have Aubriella and we can be alone. 
Do you celebrate Sweetest Day?


A week in a glance

Sunday 10-12-14
I was sick and slept all day. No photos :(

Monday 10-13-14

Curly locks sporting a hat.

Tuesday 10-14-15

Someone likes her new robe

Wednesday 10-15-14

My wonderful rash that we are trying to get rid of.

Thursday 10-16-14

My loves sleeping on the couch,

Friday 10-17-14

Aubriella putting clips in Ariel's hair.

Saturday 10-18-14

My Sweetest Day surprise

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