Chalk bodies

Who doesn't love going outside and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather? If Aubriella had a choice she would probably live outside. She always wants to be outside playing or doing something. Today I moved cars and let her chalk in the drive way. (something I was never allowed to do as a kid, only on the sidewalk) She had so much fun.

Whenever I ask her what she wants me to draw it is always Minnie. Sometime she even wants Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey. Good thing Minnie is easy to draw. 

I love hearts. 

Ella decided she wanted her hands and feet outlined. But wouldn't hold still very well.

Then she decided she wanted her whole body outlined. It remind me of a crime scene on tv.

Ella tried to outline me. She didn't do to well. We will have to work on that.


Lets paint the town

Today we had another mother daughter alone time date in the bedroom. Also a new first for Ella, I let her paint. 

Around Easter I found this cute little painting kit with Minnie Mouse on it and bought it for her. Well then I put it somewhere and forgot about it. I found it the other day and decided we had to do it. The kit came with two pictures, a paint brush, and 6 colors. 

Shockingly she did very well and didn't make a mess. She had to use every color and we cleaned the brush after each color. She let me open the paint for her one at a time so we didn't make a mess. 

Most of the time when she was painting she used her left hand. She did go back and forth each time she put pain on her brush. 


Fair rides

This week was the Lorain County Fair. I have probably went every year for atleast the last 15 years. I started the tradition of taking Ella since she has been born. This year was the first time I actually let her ride rides. I am not a fan of traveling amusement park rides. Some of them I don't feel like they are safe. 

The first thing she wanted to ride on where the cars. At times she is her fathers daughter, especially when it comes to cars. She was just tall enough to ride it. Claudia wasn't tall enough though.

The girls talked us into riding the Merry Go Round twice. Ok ok it didn't take much convincing. Who doesn't love the Merry Go Round.

Can you see the excitement in her eyes. And someone else doesn't like looking at me when I take pictures.

The girls also got on us these spinning bear things that is like a tilt a whorl kind of ride. They have a blast spinning it. Brian on the other hand wasn't a fan of the spinning and the heat. (he better suck it up when we go to Disney)

Ella got to ride her favorite the Zebra the second time we went on the Merry Go Round. She was so happy, but you couldn't tell from this picture.

The girls did awesome. We didn't take strollers in, so they walked everywhere. The weather was hot and sticky in the upper 80s too. (we did carry them occasionally) Before we even left the parking lot they were both asleep. Ella insisted in sitting in the pink carseat instead of her normal green one. They are both hers, but she normally only sits in the pink on when she is in grandma's car.


Purple skies

I am not a huge fan of storms. Really I am terrified of storms. I would rather be in a basement hiding somewhere if there is potentially a tornado any where in the state. Yes I may be exaggerating a little bit but you get my point. Tonight we had some storms rolling in as I was stuck at work. Luckily they weren't to bad. 

But look how pretty purple the skies where. It made it a little less scary cause it was pretty but a little more scary because its not normal.


Fair animals

This week is the Lorain County Fair. I talked my boyfriend into going up there with me and bother girls on the hottest day of the week, but atleast it wasn't raining when we went. I decided that the girls were big enough to walk themselves that day and we weren't going to bring in their strollers. They actually did very well. 
The fair is just one big petting zoo. If you know my niece and daughter you know they were halfway in heaven. The like the idea of petting something until it comes down to it then they won't touch it and back away. Shocking they went up and petted a goat the was laying down all by themselves. There was no coaxing or bribery here. 

One of the girls I work with at Dunkin Donuts is a member of one of the local 4-H groups. She was there showing a couple of her miniature horses. She was awesome and let the girls into the stall to pet two of the horses. It took a little work but the girls did eventually both pet them. Ella keep saying she wanted to ride them.

Ella has a love for bunnies just like her mommy. I have had a rabbit most of my life. She kept starring at them and saying "We take one home."

Lastly since I love hearts. I was a horse that has a heart on its butt. 


Ive been attacked

Help me. I've been attacked. I was just sitting innocently on the couch watching the news and she got me. Little by little I was becoming completely covered. My arms and face were being covered in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers. 

I have a little sticker monster. She loved playing with stickers. She takes them off the paper and puts them everywhere. The walls, the furniture, the floor, herself, her toys, and even me. But she is having fun and that is all that matters. It is so much easier to get them off me and know where they are compared to scraping them off the floor and trying to find them on all her toys. Anyone else have a sticker monster in there house?


Disney Countdown

Time is flying so fast. I can't believe in 20 days I will be at Disney World. Just my boyfriend, Brian and myself. He has never been there. I was there when I was 2 but was too young to remember any of it. Since Aubriella is only 2 and will also be too young to remember anything we are leaving her at home with my parents. She is going to have a week vacation away from mom. She should be so happy. (Probably not, I imagine tears and lots of cuddling.) Then we I come home grandma and grandpa will need a vacation.

Brian is just like a kid in a candy store when it comes to this vacation. Every morning I get my usual "Good Morning Babe. Have a great day. I love you" text, as well as a countdown number. Since we have booked the vacation he has been so excited to go. 

We are staying on Disney property. I can't wait to get our Magic Bands in the mail. We have already scheduled our fast passes and dinner reservations. Now its just the waiting game. Have you been to Disney World before? What is your favorite thing about Disney World?


Zoo adventures

We finally got to the zoo this year. We ended up buying a one year family membership in hopes to go a million more times between now and August of next year. Fingers crossed it works out as planned and we get our money's worth. 
We decided to take Ella in her stroller but she ended up walking 3/4 of it herself and I pushed an empty stroller. She did awesome with walking and listening and taking turns. 

We had such a blast I can't wait to go again. My favorite part is all the monkey's.

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?

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