Light Switches

Aubriella recently has learned how to turn the lights on and off by switching the switch up or down. She hasn't mastered the switches that go sideways yet. I know that will come in due time. So anytime we leave or enter a room she wants to be the one to flip the switch.
Aubriella also likes to rearrange the dining room table chairs. She will push them away from the table, move them into the living room, or use them to get to grandpa's computer.
Now put the two of those together and you get a wild child who will push the chair over to the wall to flip the light switches on and off. It is easy entertainment but also scares the crap out of me that she is gonna fall off the chair.
What am I gonna do with my wild child. I need  a way to child proof that stops her.


Weekly Photo Recap - Week 5

January 28th
I love chocolate pudding

January 29th
I love cuddling with my mommy when I don't feel good. Who cares if mom  is uncomfortable.

January 30th
Look mom I stole your phone again.

January 31st
Trying to child proof the TV so Aubriella will stop changing the station and turning the tv off.

February 1st
Lunch with friends at Olive Garden

February 2nd
Mom it took me 10 minutes to get me dressed to come out in this?

February 3rd
Aubriella's first bloody lip is made all better by a Popsicle.


Not hand, foot, and mouth

Oh what am I going to do with my daughter? If it's not one thing it's another. This pasted Tuesday Aubriella went back to the doctor. This time she saw her doctor, not an associate or the ER. I love her doctor, and everyone else must too. At times it is hard to get into see her at the last minute.
Anyways, her doctor was able to determine that she doesn't have hand, foot, and mouth disease. She is allergic to penicillin. She was on amoxicillin the week before for an ear infection.
My parents ended up taking Aubriella to the doctor so I wouldn't have to miss another day of work. The doctor showed them pictures of what hand, foot and mouth disease looks like and allergic reactions. She also sent them home with a prescription for a steroid to help get the redness to go down on the rash and recommended an over the lotion for her skin. She is starting to look better. The rash isn't as red and isn't as raised.

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