Pumpkin Patch

Earlier this month I took Aubriella to the pumpkin patch. Brasee's Corn Maze and pumpkin patch is always a blast to go to and a tradition I started going to 3 years ago. I took Ella there for the first time last year when she was only a few weeks old. It is about an hour from the house. There is so much to do.
This year the weather was just right. It wasn't to cold, sun was out, and a slight breeze. Which also means it was crowded. The original plan was to have Aubriella lay in the corn pit like last year,  but there were so many bigger kids in the corn pit it didn't happen. I was able to sit her in the corner and take a quick picture though.
 Aubriella also went down the straw slide a bunch of times. After that she had wild hair.
They have a petting zoo of pony's and goats. Aubriella wasn't into the goats but wanted a pony. She almost crawled into the pony's cage.
 Other things for kids to do is a kids straw maze, a wooden train they can crawl through, and a pitch black crawl through straw maze. For adults there is a large corn maze. This is the first year we went it the entrance and out the exit. It only took us about 45 minutes.
There is a pick your own pumpkin patch and an already picked pumpkin field. I let Aubriella crawl over to a pumpkin for us to take home. Now just to carve it for Halloween.




Black Eye

I came home from work last night to find that Aubriella gave herself a black eye. She wanted her coat that was hanging on the back of a chair and decided to pull the chair down on herself. The seat of the chair hit her in the eye. She has a scratch that didn't bleed and it is swollen.

I had to take my mom to the doctor this morning so I asked him if I needed to take Aubriella to the doctor to be checked out. He said it looked fine and that it will probably bruise in a few days.

I'm just happy she didn't get seriously injured and that there isn't any damage to her actual eye ball. Hopefully she will learn, and she will heal.




The joy of teething is here. Aubriella already has one tooth on the bottom. She has two teeth up top starting to come through. You can see the whiteness of the tooth but you still feel some gum covering over it. Along with the teeth comes the running nose, crabby, cuddle baby. Which also equals nothing else gets done.

Aubriella's favorite thing to chew on to ease the pain is her toothbrush. I will give her tylenol if need be but try not to. I have the teething tablets and the Oregel for her gums if it gets to bad. Wish me Luck.





Birthday weekend

Nothing ever seems to go as planned in my life. This past weekend Aubriella was suppose to have two birthday parties. One for all the family and one for all my/her friends and co-workers. Unfornately that didn't happen. On Friday my mom was admitted into the hospital for trouble breathing. They are saying it is her asthma. She is still in there now. Doing better but not good enough to come home. This is the second time in two weeks that she has been admitted. Last time they did check her heart since she was having some chest pain and her heart is good. It just her lungs.

With my mom being in the hospital we decided to postpone the family birthday party. It was suppose to be outside at my uncles campground and without my mom there I thought it would be best to reschedule.

On Sunday I had her birthday at Dunkin Donuts in the Wi-Fi room. Since I work there I was able to rent it and close down part of the store for a private event. Dunkin Donuts normally just rents out the conference room and not the Wi-Fi room, but has done it on a couple of occassions. I did pick a day when we knew the store wasn't going to be to busy and wouldn't effect to many customers.

Aubriella had a blast playing with other kids and seeing all her "aunts and uncles" She got a bunch of Minnie Mouse toys and clothes.

The cake smashing area

I had her smash cake and cupcakes made by Double E Sweets and Treats
 Photo Collage

Food and Drink Table

Reading a birthday card 
Playing with Minnie Mouse

The Birthday Girl in her outfit




Game night

Ohio State University plays tonight at 8 instead of the normal day game. Aubriella is ready to watch the game in one of her many OSU outfits. She even grabbed the remote to turn on the game.





Cake smash #1

On Tuesday for Aubriella's birthday we did the traditional cake smash. I bought her a little chocolate cake. My parents, sister, one girlfriend, and myself all sang her Happy Birthday.

(sorry these pictures turned out so blurry, they were taken on a camera phone and ignore the mess in the background)

There was a lite candle on top of the cake. She didn't know what to do so I ended up blowing it out for her and giving her the cake to eat/smash.

She only took a few bites of the actual cake. She did eat quite a bit of the frosting. Once she figured out her fingers where dirty (she can be so prissy at times) she started crying. We headed straight for the bathtub to clean up my messy bessy.




Last zoo day

This past Sunday we had a girls and babies day at the zoo. Minus the little rain at the beginning it turned out to be a great day. My sister, and two of my best friends along with my niece, my one girlfriends daughter, my other girlfriends two cousins, my daughter and myself had a blast. This is a tradition we want to do every year. Possibly going to different zoo's each year.
We arrived at the zoo before the gates were even open and got real close parking. I already had free tickets for my sister and myself from winning a contest on Facebook. The lines were real short to trade in the tickets and get the tickets for the kids (they were free). The Cleveland Zoo also includes the rainforest. We had decided to do the Rainforest first.
Throughout the zoo there was painted elephants. Ella wanted to touch every one of them. They are there since the zoo got the new Elephant crossing this year. 

 Ella was in love with this monkey. I had to drag her away from him. She was just so happy playing with his nose and poking him in the eyes. I think it had something to do with him being her size.
After we ate lunch we decided to go to the Primates and Aquarium up at the top of the hill. Elle feel asleep while walking up there and slept the whole time we were talking through the exhibit. She woke up when we were finished so we rode the tram back down.

Here is all of us. Still all smiley at the end of the day. 

I can't wait to go again next year.



Happy Birthday Aubriella

I can't believe it. Aubriella's birthday is today. She is already a year old. Oh how time flies so fast. So many things have happened, changed, some for the good, some for the worse... but everything happens for a reason. We have many firsts and many what was I thinking and many aww's....

One year ago today
First Halloween as a frog
First Thanksgivings
First Christmas
 First Valentines Day

First Easter
First Time Swinging

First Time Swimming

First Hospital Stay
 First Birthday
Happy Birthday to my little Ella Bella. I love you.


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